Episode 6: Gen X and Parenting

January 20, 2017

Anthony, Dan, and Derek take a long, hard look at the topic of babymaking! 

Actually, they initially discuss how Gen Xers were raised. What did the parents of the Latch Key Generation do to us when we were growing up? The guys share some of their childhood experiences, especially the more difficult parts of what happened to them as kids. What parental forces shaped our generation, for better or worse?

Then, they flip to the other side of the coin: what kind of parents are Gen Xers? How do we stack up against the Baby Boomers and how they raised us? Are we the helicoptering wimps the Boomers think we are, giving every kid a trophy? Are we better parents then the people who brought us up?

And what about Gen Xers who don't want to have kids? Have some of us evolved beyond the urge to procreate?

The episode contains the occasional bad word, so while you listen please...think of the children!