Episode 16: So Long 2017, Watch Out 2018!

December 27, 2017

The Gen X Men are back and they're all fired up! In this episode, the guys are fed up with 2017 and the status quo, conspiracy theorists, and especially scapegoaters in their creepy little echo chambers. The show might not have high professional polish, but Derek, Anthony, and Dan make up for that with pure passion for change! 

Generation X stands at a critical point in history: do we continue to sit back and just take care of ourselves, or do we become true philanthropists and give of our time, energy, and money in order to become leaders of positive change? Can we overcome our aloofness, cynicism, and bitterness of the Latch Key Kid Generation and lead the world into a better, more just future?

Watch out, 2018. The open-minded among Generation X are coming for you.

Note: We drank a few holiday libations during the recording of this episode. Apologies (sorrynotsorry) for all the raving, ranting, eardrum-busting shouting (watch for volume spikes!), and as usual the profanity! 



Episode 15: Extra! Extra! Getcha Fake News Here!

November 10, 2017

Is truth dead? Have the 24-hours news cycle and the Internet warped our perceptions so much we can no longer trust, or agree upon, objective facts? There's a war on for reality, with the winner controlling what we are fed through the media, social and otherwise!

The Gen X Men tackle the question of fake news and how everyone We discuss the phenomena of echo chambers, confirmation bias, and gang/mob mentality. 

And, as usual, we ask what Generation X can do about the situation! Is our generation a part of the problem, or is our famous/infamous skepticism just the right tool to sniff out the fakeness? Will we take the initiative to cross the divides of ideology and try to reinvigorate civil discourse?


Episode 2: Gen X and the 2016 Election Fallout

November 16, 2016
In the wake of one of the most contentious elections in recent memory, what's the role of Generation X when it comes to our current political and cultural climate? Are we contributing to the growing division between political and social factions (either through action or inaction), or can we be the bridge that crosses the divide?
Derek, Dan, and Anthony tackle the big questions in the aftermath of the Trump presidential victory. Is there a path forward to a reunified nation, or will the country continue to fracture? And what can Gen X do about it?
Here's the Forbes article Anthony references during the show, which doesn't mention Generation X at all when referencing voters in the 2016 election (once again, we're treated as a "lost" generation).
Note: the episode contains some adult language, so please, think of the children!