Episode 5: 2016 Year in Review!

December 28, 2016

Anthony, Dan, and Derek take a look back over the year-that-was. In their recap of 2016, they discuss the many celebrity deaths that occurred (note: this was recorded before the passing of George Michael and Carrie Fisher; so just know they weren’t omitted on purpose, and may they rest in peace).

Ultimately, the Gen X Men ask (and attempt to answer) the question on everybody’s mind: was 2016 the worst year ever? Perhaps more importantly, what can Generation X do about the state of our country and the world now, and in the future?

Then the guys get into the nuance of political correctness versus just being nice to other human beings (and the connected 2016 issues pertaining to gender and where people poop). Derek waxes poetic about genitalia, Anthony (who is cisnerd) uses an Iron Man analogy to describe the state of the terrorized world, and as usual Dan cuts through his cohosts’ rantings with his typical humor.

The trio also stray into societal issues once again, contemplating the overpowering fear infecting Western Civilization and the 2016 fallout of that fact (the election of Trump and the global resurgence of populism). 

And stay tuned ‘til the end of the show to hear predictions for 2017 (you can judge their profundity, or lack thereof). Happy New Year to all!


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