Episode 7: Gen X and Relationships

February 17, 2017

The gurus of Gen X dive into relationships...romantic, platonic, and—of course—moronic!

Derek, Anthony, and Dan wade into the weeds, asking questions about love and marriage as they pertain to the "slacker" generation. Is Gen X ironically more serious about tying the knot? Do we take everything too seriously? Apparently, we have fun wedding receptions, so suck it!

There's the usual degeneration into talking about privates, but this time they have an excuse! The guys also get into questions of feminism, as well as the triumvirate of toxic masculinity, machismo, and misogyny.

Then, there's friendship. Is Gen X more open to deeper platonic connections, especially between men, than the Boomers? Or are we just as prone to remaining aloof, repressing our feelings, and telling each other to "man up" and "deal with your problems" the old fashioned way: by burying them alive?

This episode contains the usual occasional spraying of bad language. Be sure to wear a full-body condom while listening!


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