Episode 4: Pop Culture Nostalgia Trip

December 23, 2016

Go on a Gen X pop culture nostalgia trip in the Way Back Machine with Derek, Dan, and Anthony! The dynamic trio has another calm, rational discussion, this time about the wonders and highlights of the TV, movies, games, and other things that helped define the youth of our generation.

They start off with a potentially controversial theory: Gen X suffered to make geek culture mainstream. You're welcome, kids of today, because we made nerdiness cool so you wouldn't have to get beaten up for it!

Then, the guys launch into an insightful retrospective that encompasses grunge, the shaming of males who watched Friends, the disturbing conspiracy behind the Smurfs, and much more!

By the way, we still haven't overcome our dependencey on uncouth vocabulary. So don't let Santa know you're listening.


Episode 3: Religion, Music, Society, and Stuff

December 2, 2016

How's your faith these days, folks? The Gen X Men dive into totally non-controversial topics like religion in this episode. Join us as we explore the depths of atheism, spirituality, organized religion, morality (or the lack thereof) and what it all means for our generation. Then we dive into a bit of Satanism (and Santaism, with Christmas looming) as well as music, what bothers us about Western culture (including the bullshit of rugged individualism and 'Murican fear-mongering), and other issues facing us here in the United States of "Trumpistan."

Here's the Al Jazeera article about Donald Trump's America we talk about in the episode.

And if you're curious about the horrible, demonically possessed "lost" recording we reference during the show, download it here.

As usual, there's some potty mouth language, so we're getting coal in our stockings this year.


Episode 2: Gen X and the 2016 Election Fallout

November 16, 2016
In the wake of one of the most contentious elections in recent memory, what's the role of Generation X when it comes to our current political and cultural climate? Are we contributing to the growing division between political and social factions (either through action or inaction), or can we be the bridge that crosses the divide?
Derek, Dan, and Anthony tackle the big questions in the aftermath of the Trump presidential victory. Is there a path forward to a reunified nation, or will the country continue to fracture? And what can Gen X do about it?
Here's the Forbes article Anthony references during the show, which doesn't mention Generation X at all when referencing voters in the 2016 election (once again, we're treated as a "lost" generation).
Note: the episode contains some adult language, so please, think of the children!

Episode 1: Generation X - Lost or Found?

November 3, 2016

The first episode of Gen X Men introduces our overarching question: what is the legacy of Generation X, or will we even have one at all? Defined by traits like disrespect for authority, stubbornness, and skepticism, are we the slackers many believe us to be? Is there more to us than grunge and flannel?

Hosts Derek, Anthony, and Dan launch a long-overdue conversation about the place of Generation X in history. It's time Gen X learned to use its voice and find its place between the Boomers and the Millennials.

Is Gen X destined to be a lost generation, or will we find our purpose at last?

Make sure you listen and get into the conversation! We welcome your thoughts, feedback, opinions, death threats, etc.

Note: the episode contains some adult language, so don't listen around your mom.