Episode 9: Gen X vs. Mid-Life Crisis

March 31, 2017

Generation X is approaching (or has reached) a "certain age." Is an inevitable mid-life crisis also approaching?

The guys take on the concept of the mid-life crisis, considering its very veracity/existence and how it may or may not have affected the Boomers, and now Gen X. They question whether a skateboard is the Gen X equivalent of buying a sports car when you hit your middle years.

What lures people into the latter-year trap of "negative nostalgia" for the glory days of youth? Can we overcome the desire to pine for "the good old days" and not obsess over the past? If so, what are the ways we can avoid regret? Perhaps it's enough to use nostalgia as a light flavoring for the present, and work to maintain your hope for the future. 

Ultimately, can Gen X transform the mid-life crisis into a "fourth decade re-evaluation"?

And yes, there's some adult language involved in this episode. Because we're all adults here...aging adults.


Episode 8: Generation X…in Spaaaaace!

March 21, 2017

Join our intrepid hosts as they journey into the outer reaches...of absurdity! The Gen X Gentlemen explore the topics of space and the future. 

They pay homage to the celebrities who have passed on into the real final frontier so far in 2017. Then, after some requisite rambling they launch into hyperspace! Dan, Derek, and Anthony discuss the progress of technology, the achievements of humanity, and the potential barriers and risks that may face us in the coming years. They also, of course, spend some time on space-based pop culture (Star Wars, Star Trek, Robotech, sci fi literature, etc).

Ultimately, they ask the question: should we focus our technology on leaving the Earth, or fixing it? Will we allow our limitations to keep us from coming together in a bright Star Trek-like future? Can we even agree long enough to accomplish either of those goals? 

And, as usual, what role does Gen X have to play in the grand scheme of things?

Note: the guys succumb to the Dark Side again during this episode. Hear some bad language, you will!


Episode 7: Gen X and Relationships

February 17, 2017

The gurus of Gen X dive into relationships...romantic, platonic, and—of course—moronic!

Derek, Anthony, and Dan wade into the weeds, asking questions about love and marriage as they pertain to the "slacker" generation. Is Gen X ironically more serious about tying the knot? Do we take everything too seriously? Apparently, we have fun wedding receptions, so suck it!

There's the usual degeneration into talking about privates, but this time they have an excuse! The guys also get into questions of feminism, as well as the triumvirate of toxic masculinity, machismo, and misogyny.

Then, there's friendship. Is Gen X more open to deeper platonic connections, especially between men, than the Boomers? Or are we just as prone to remaining aloof, repressing our feelings, and telling each other to "man up" and "deal with your problems" the old fashioned way: by burying them alive?

This episode contains the usual occasional spraying of bad language. Be sure to wear a full-body condom while listening!


Episode 6: Gen X and Parenting

January 20, 2017

Anthony, Dan, and Derek take a long, hard look at the topic of babymaking! 

Actually, they initially discuss how Gen Xers were raised. What did the parents of the Latch Key Generation do to us when we were growing up? The guys share some of their childhood experiences, especially the more difficult parts of what happened to them as kids. What parental forces shaped our generation, for better or worse?

Then, they flip to the other side of the coin: what kind of parents are Gen Xers? How do we stack up against the Baby Boomers and how they raised us? Are we the helicoptering wimps the Boomers think we are, giving every kid a trophy? Are we better parents then the people who brought us up?

And what about Gen Xers who don't want to have kids? Have some of us evolved beyond the urge to procreate?

The episode contains the occasional bad word, so while you listen please...think of the children!


Episode 5: 2016 Year in Review!

December 28, 2016

Anthony, Dan, and Derek take a look back over the year-that-was. In their recap of 2016, they discuss the many celebrity deaths that occurred (note: this was recorded before the passing of George Michael and Carrie Fisher; so just know they weren’t omitted on purpose, and may they rest in peace).

Ultimately, the Gen X Men ask (and attempt to answer) the question on everybody’s mind: was 2016 the worst year ever? Perhaps more importantly, what can Generation X do about the state of our country and the world now, and in the future?

Then the guys get into the nuance of political correctness versus just being nice to other human beings (and the connected 2016 issues pertaining to gender and where people poop). Derek waxes poetic about genitalia, Anthony (who is cisnerd) uses an Iron Man analogy to describe the state of the terrorized world, and as usual Dan cuts through his cohosts’ rantings with his typical humor.

The trio also stray into societal issues once again, contemplating the overpowering fear infecting Western Civilization and the 2016 fallout of that fact (the election of Trump and the global resurgence of populism). 

And stay tuned ‘til the end of the show to hear predictions for 2017 (you can judge their profundity, or lack thereof). Happy New Year to all!


Episode 4: Pop Culture Nostalgia Trip

December 23, 2016

Go on a Gen X pop culture nostalgia trip in the Way Back Machine with Derek, Dan, and Anthony! The dynamic trio has another calm, rational discussion, this time about the wonders and highlights of the TV, movies, games, and other things that helped define the youth of our generation.

They start off with a potentially controversial theory: Gen X suffered to make geek culture mainstream. You're welcome, kids of today, because we made nerdiness cool so you wouldn't have to get beaten up for it!

Then, the guys launch into an insightful retrospective that encompasses grunge, the shaming of males who watched Friends, the disturbing conspiracy behind the Smurfs, and much more!

By the way, we still haven't overcome our dependencey on uncouth vocabulary. So don't let Santa know you're listening.


Episode 3: Religion, Music, Society, and Stuff

December 2, 2016

How's your faith these days, folks? The Gen X Men dive into totally non-controversial topics like religion in this episode. Join us as we explore the depths of atheism, spirituality, organized religion, morality (or the lack thereof) and what it all means for our generation. Then we dive into a bit of Satanism (and Santaism, with Christmas looming) as well as music, what bothers us about Western culture (including the bullshit of rugged individualism and 'Murican fear-mongering), and other issues facing us here in the United States of "Trumpistan."

Here's the Al Jazeera article about Donald Trump's America we talk about in the episode.

And if you're curious about the horrible, demonically possessed "lost" recording we reference during the show, download it here.

As usual, there's some potty mouth language, so we're getting coal in our stockings this year.


Episode 2: Gen X and the 2016 Election Fallout

November 16, 2016
In the wake of one of the most contentious elections in recent memory, what's the role of Generation X when it comes to our current political and cultural climate? Are we contributing to the growing division between political and social factions (either through action or inaction), or can we be the bridge that crosses the divide?
Derek, Dan, and Anthony tackle the big questions in the aftermath of the Trump presidential victory. Is there a path forward to a reunified nation, or will the country continue to fracture? And what can Gen X do about it?
Here's the Forbes article Anthony references during the show, which doesn't mention Generation X at all when referencing voters in the 2016 election (once again, we're treated as a "lost" generation).
Note: the episode contains some adult language, so please, think of the children!

Episode 1: Generation X - Lost or Found?

November 3, 2016

The first episode of Gen X Men introduces our overarching question: what is the legacy of Generation X, or will we even have one at all? Defined by traits like disrespect for authority, stubbornness, and skepticism, are we the slackers many believe us to be? Is there more to us than grunge and flannel?

Hosts Derek, Anthony, and Dan launch a long-overdue conversation about the place of Generation X in history. It's time Gen X learned to use its voice and find its place between the Boomers and the Millennials.

Is Gen X destined to be a lost generation, or will we find our purpose at last?

Make sure you listen and get into the conversation! We welcome your thoughts, feedback, opinions, death threats, etc.

Note: the episode contains some adult language, so don't listen around your mom.