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Episode 19: Thanksgiving and Apocalypse Maybe?

Episode 19: Thanksgiving and Apocalypse Maybe?

November 21, 2018

Dan and Anthony (sans Derek, who couldn't be there this time around) check back in after a six-month hiatus (life has been very...interesting lately) to talk thankfulness and the possible fate of humanity. They start off with a memorial for Stan Lee, discussing their favorite Marvel characters and Stan's legacy as a modern myth maker.

Then the guys stray a little too far into contemplating death before steering the conversation to more positive territory...literally. They talk about some concepts pertaining to positive psychology and the book A New Reality by the great Jonas Salk, who was most famous for his polio vaccine. Is the current strife in the world just the growing pains before a new epoch of human cooperation, one that will usher in a new set of beliefs for our species? 

We hope you enjoy this episode! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Episode 18: Wanna Hear a Toke? Gen X and Drugs

Episode 18: Wanna Hear a Toke? Gen X and Drugs

April 25, 2018

In honor of 4/20, we have an episode about marijuana and other drugs! We start off with a short discussion about the potential pitfalls of being too PC and the place of humor in society, then launch into our main topic. Our friend Jim joins the smoky shenanigans as a guest host, which is appropriate since he's had a self-described love affair with weed for about 30 years (so he's our resident expert). 

We trace the history of marijuana from the days of our youth through today, as the long dream of legalized weed has started to come true. Then we delve into the harder stuff, especially heroin, which has taken the lives of so many grunge-era musicians. Dan shares his own experiences with heroin use and the road to recovery.

We also talk about the seeming futility of the war on drugs, the possible roots of drug use (as self medication to deal with depression and disenfranchisement), alcohol, and the merits of moderation when it comes to all things in life.

As usual, we use adult language. Take a hit of something if you need to calm your nerves.

Episode 17: Growing Up Gen X

Episode 17: Growing Up Gen X

March 4, 2018

The Gen X Men make a triumphant return with a super-sized episode! Dan, Derek, and Anthony were joined by their old friends Jay and Jim to reminisce about their youth, and ruminate in general about what it was like growing up Generation X. The guys are in fine, animated form as they talk about their experiences coming of age in the “good old days” of the late 80’s and early/mid 90’s.

They also delve into their usual questioning of the merits and flaws of Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials. Topics include wondering if Gen X was disproportionately impacted by divorce, getting old and worrying about health (especially since Kevin Smith, one of our icons, had a heart attack), and what kind of parents we have become ourselves.

This was a fun episode, with laughter, bluster, musing, nonsense, epiphanies, rambling, and beer. The usual disclaimer still applies, even more so for this one: we use profanity. Don’t listen if you’re easily triggered by bad words.

Hiatus: The Large Cold

Hiatus: The Large Cold

February 1, 2018

Okay, so, confession time: 2018 has started off a bit rough for the Gen X Men. We're engaged in various varieties of adult responsibility. We're Gen Xers, we know how to put our heads down and get stuff done, and complain about it while we do it! Combine busy-ness with the low temperatures and it amounts to an impromptu hiatus. But rest assured we're coming back soon to warm up the Generation X conversation!

Episode 16: So Long 2017, Watch Out 2018!

Episode 16: So Long 2017, Watch Out 2018!

December 27, 2017

The Gen X Men are back and they're all fired up! In this episode, the guys are fed up with 2017 and the status quo, conspiracy theorists, and especially scapegoaters in their creepy little echo chambers. The show might not have high professional polish, but Derek, Anthony, and Dan make up for that with pure passion for change! 

Generation X stands at a critical point in history: do we continue to sit back and just take care of ourselves, or do we become true philanthropists and give of our time, energy, and money in order to become leaders of positive change? Can we overcome our aloofness, cynicism, and bitterness of the Latch Key Kid Generation and lead the world into a better, more just future?

Watch out, 2018. The open-minded among Generation X are coming for you.

Note: We drank a few holiday libations during the recording of this episode. Apologies (sorrynotsorry) for all the raving, ranting, eardrum-busting shouting (watch for volume spikes!), and as usual the profanity! 


Episode 15: Extra! Extra! Getcha Fake News Here!

Episode 15: Extra! Extra! Getcha Fake News Here!

November 10, 2017

Is truth dead? Have the 24-hours news cycle and the Internet warped our perceptions so much we can no longer trust, or agree upon, objective facts? There's a war on for reality, with the winner controlling what we are fed through the media, social and otherwise!

The Gen X Men tackle the question of fake news and how everyone We discuss the phenomena of echo chambers, confirmation bias, and gang/mob mentality. 

And, as usual, we ask what Generation X can do about the situation! Is our generation a part of the problem, or is our famous/infamous skepticism just the right tool to sniff out the fakeness? Will we take the initiative to cross the divides of ideology and try to reinvigorate civil discourse?

Hiatus: Pennywise ate our October shows!

Hiatus: Pennywise ate our October shows!

October 30, 2017

Hello Gen X Men fanatics! We're having a bit of a scary time this month, so we're on an unexpected hiatus. There's been some big developments in the lives of your ever-lovin' hosts, you see. Nothing too spooky, some of it good, some of it not, but that's life for Generation X, right? We will be back in November for some more Gen X goodness! Thanks for your patience and more importantly, your fandom!

Episode 14: Movie Remake Madness!

Episode 14: Movie Remake Madness!

September 27, 2017

Does Hollywood have an unholy obsession with remaking old movies these days? 

Are movie studios strip-mining the films Generation X watched in our youth in order to make a quick buck?

Are remakes a sign that film companies are unwilling to take risks on new material, a lack of creativity, or both?

Is pure nostalgia the sole reason we think some films should not be remade, or should some movies be considered universally sacred and untouchable?

The Gen X Men talk about reboots (soft and otherwise), sequels, and prequels. They debate the potential upsides and downsides of remakes: are they more often inferior to their source material? How often are remakes better than the original?

Listen and get in on the debate about Hollywood's movie remake madness!

Episode 13: Xennials and Xoomers and Gen X, Oh My!

Episode 13: Xennials and Xoomers and Gen X, Oh My!

August 4, 2017

For our lucky 13th episode, we had our first guest host: Scott! One of our loyal fans, Scott challenged us and insisted that we avoid slavishly following the broad stereotypes of Generation X, because depending on when you were born, you might have different likes and dislikes, influences, personality traits, and beliefs. 

That brought us to the topic of microgenerations, smaller segments within larger generations with aspects of the generations that come before or after. So, we insisted that Scott get on the mic and declare his thoughts face-to-face.

Coincidentally, there was a HuffPost article that came out before this recording that proposed the existence of Xennials, who combine Gen X and Millennial traits. For our part, we've dubbed people like Scott, who were born closer to the Boomer years, "Xoomers" (trademark pending).

In the end, generational labels don't really matter, and can't encompass a complex, individual human being. However, the time in which we are born does give us a context for our development, and leaves a distinct mark on us.

This episode also marks the first time we were drinking heavily before and during production. All rambling, mispronunciations, interrupting, and ranting can be blamed on the alcohol...this time.

Note: because we're all adults here (and we're drinking), there are curse words aplenty in this episode.

Episode 12: The Economics of Generation X

Episode 12: The Economics of Generation X

July 14, 2017

Dan, Derek, and Anthony delve into the relationship of Generation X with wealth, monetary and otherwise. Gen X is in what could be considered a difficult position when it comes to traditional financial thinking: we were sucker punched by the Great Recession during our prime earning/saving years, we have more debt than other generations, and we're even filing for bankruptcy more. What portion of these seemingly dire financial issues is beyond our control, and how much of it is self-inflicted?

The guys also discuss how weath and abundance is more than just dollar signs. What are the other measures of success and security beyond what's in our bank accounts?

Finally, can Generation X dig deep and get creative in order to secure more financial and spiritual wealth? It's up to all of us to find out!

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