Gen X Men

Episode 14: Movie Remake Madness!

September 27, 2017

Does Hollywood have an unholy obsession with remaking old movies these days? 

Are movie studios strip-mining the films Generation X watched in our youth in order to make a quick buck?

Are remakes a sign that film companies are unwilling to take risks on new material, a lack of creativity, or both?

Is pure nostalgia the sole reason we think some films should not be remade, or should some movies be considered universally sacred and untouchable?

The Gen X Men talk about reboots (soft and otherwise), sequels, and prequels. They debate the potential upsides and downsides of remakes: are they more often inferior to their source material? How often are remakes better than the original?

Listen and get in on the debate about Hollywood's movie remake madness!

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